Group bookings with Västflyg

Västflyg offers special group prices if you plan to travel as part of a group of ten or more passengers, suitable for example for sports associations or corporate events.

Our dedicated team is waiting to help you, to ensure that all stress is completely removed from the process. Our team will coordinate your group flight bookings so you can sit back and enjoy group travel without hassle.

Send your request for a group ticket to and add the selected dates, flights and number of passengers. We will return as soon as possible.

Advantages of group bookings

  • Flexible travel conditions and payment plans
  • The possibility to make changes to the list of names until the time when the tickets are issued
  • A checked baggage of up to 20 kg in weight is included for each group traveler, together with a carry-on baggage
  • A group booking ensures that the whole group travels on the same flight and with tickets at the same price

Groups of less than 10 people

If you travel as part of a group of less than ten people, you can buy your airline tickets directly via our website for a maximum of nine people at a time. You need the names of all travelers in your party, and the booking must be paid in full at the time you make the booking. The conditions for any changes to your booking, or for a complete cancellation, depends on the type of ticket you purchased.


We recommend that you arrive at the airport well in advance, especially if your group is traveling with checked baggage. You must be able to present a valid identity card upon check-in. 559291-7750
Trollhättan-Vänersborgs flygplats
(+46) 0520 – 82 500