Delayed or damaged baggage

This applies if your luggage does not show up on arrival

Notification of delayed or lost luggage must be made directly at the airport when you have arrived at your destination. There, the traveler fills in a PIR report (Property Irregularity Report).

The arrival airport will then actively search for your luggage and you will be contacted as soon as the luggage has been found. The airport and the traveler will then agree on where and when the luggage is to be delivered.

No compensation is paid for delayed luggage on the return journey. Then the traveler can instead apply for compensation from his insurance company.

If the luggage is delayed and the traveler is not at home (where the traveler is registered), only the most necessary items will be reimbursed. The compensation is also based on how long the traveler has been without the items. It is recommended to always save the original receipt that is sent to customer service, as these will be the basis for any compensation. Please note that compensation is not paid for money, electronics, valuable items, jewellery, alcohol/tobacco and medicine regardless of how long the baggage is delayed. For the replacement of any branded items, a deduction of 50% of the purchase price is made.

If the traveler’s luggage has been on the road for 21 days or more, you have the opportunity to request compensation for the contents of your luggage as it is now counted/classified as ”Lost luggage”.

Damaged baggage

If your luggage is damaged during the flight

A report of damaged luggage must be made immediately upon arrival at the airport. There, a Damage Report form is filled out. If the damage should be discovered at a later time, the bag must be taken to the airport with the luggage tag, boarding pass or document for the ticket, and presented to customer service. When you report damage, you will also receive information from our customer service on how to proceed to receive compensation/repair. Depending on the extent of the damage, we will primarily try to repair the damage. Should it not be possible to repair, compensation will be made in the form of the purchase price and with the corresponding age deduction. Should the damage not be repairable on site, replacement/replacement bags are often available to use.

In order for a damaged piece of luggage to be accepted, the luggage tag must still be attached. We do not reimburse for what is considered normal wear and tear; marks, dents, zippers, dirt, dents and scratches, etc. Baggage that travels in the cabin or hold baggage must withstand normal handling at the airport. If the luggage is judged to be functional, no compensation will be paid.

Should the contents of your luggage be damaged without the bag/packaging being affected, please contact the company where you have your travel insurance.

If more than 7 days have passed since arrival or if a luggage tag is missing, we will not accept the claim and no Damage Report form will be filled out. If it has exceeded this time frame, it is your insurance company you must contact instead. Damages that cannot be attributed to the airline’s handling or that are not deemed to have an effect on the function of the luggage are not accepted. Checked-in special luggage (prams, wheelchairs, ski equipment, etc.) it is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure that these are packed as reliably as possible. 559291-7750
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