Checked baggage

Here you find all the information you need to know about your checked baggage. If you feel that you have any questions that require further information, do not hesitate to contact our customer service by calling 0520 – 82500.

Permitted baggage weight

We have tried to simplify the regulations regarding how much baggage weight we allow per passenger at no extra cost and is simply based on the type of ticket you bought:

  • FULL FLEX: 2 items, maximum 20 kg per item
  • FLEX: 1 item, maximum 20 kg
  • LIGHT: 1 item, maximum 20 kg

If you are traveling with an infant, a baby stroller/pram and a car seat can always be taken on board at no extra cost. For more information, see the section under Traveling with children.

Size and weight limitations

The maximum weight of any checked bag is 20 kg.

The maximum size of any piece of checked baggage is 158 cm (length + width + height).

If your bag exceeds these restrictions, read more below under ”Heavy and/or large objects”.

Special luggage may have different weight and / or size restrictions than those that apply to standard luggage.

Additional luggage

If you want to bring more checked bags than what is included in your ticket, it is possible to buy additional luggage at the time of booking or at a later time via ”My bookings” [link].

Heavy and / or large baggage

If your checked baggage exceeds the allowable weight, you will be charged a fee based on the actual weight of the bag. The fee is calculated per exceeding number of kg. The maximum permissible weight for each luggage is 32 kg.

If any item in your checked baggage exceeds the maximum size of 158 cm, a fee will be added.

We recommend that you contact our customer service on 0520 – 82500 before traveling with bulky luggage to ensure that your luggage will be accepted on board the aircraft.

Packing instructions

To ensure safe and fast transport of your personal items, we recommend that you follow the guidelines below:

  • Label the bag with your name and contact information.
  • Pack your bag in a way that ensures that it will not be damaged during normal luggage handling procedures. If the contents of your luggage damage or contaminate any other luggage, you may be liable for the damage.
  • If you want to check in some special items such as a baby stroller/pram, car seat, sports equipment, musical instruments or other delicate items, we strongly recommend that you use a hard case to avoid any damage if this is at all possible. More information about such items can be found in the Special Baggage section.
  • Do not pack any medicines, important documents, valuables or cash in your checked baggage. The airline is not responsible for damage or delays or loss of such items if they are included in your checked baggage. Please read our ”General conditions for transport”  for further information. 559291-7750
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